Mission & Goals
StreetSolid's mission is to provide trauma-informed social, emotional, cognitive programming for justice involved youth and adults.

Mission and Goals of StreetSolidMission:
Our mission is to support the social and emotional growth of under-resourced and justice-involved youth and adults to empower these individuals to contribute to the communities in which they live.

With a special focus on our StreetSolid participants, we imagine a world where every person has the skills and opportunities to participate and thrive in the communities in which they live.

StreetSolid provides trauma-informed social, emotional, cognitive programming for justice-involved youth and adults.

Our non-traditional group curriculum explores participant character, offers exposure to alternative ways of thinking and fosters life skills while covering topics such as identity, integrity, self-esteem, communication, decision-making, emotional management, resilience and leadership. It is currently being used with court-ordered juveniles, state and federal reentry participants, school districts and other organizations with similar goals. We accept referrals from families, schools, community diversion and reentry programs, mentoring organizations, as well as juvenile, state and federal courts.

In fulfilling our mission, we are committed to maintaining our lifelong relationships with participants and to continually updating and improving our curriculum using the latest scientific data and the most resonating cultural references.

Similarly, we are committed to continually updating our teaching methods and integrating feedback from those who participate in our programs.  Finally, StreetSolid is dedicated to offering SEL training to other facilitators who are working with similar populations with similar goals.

This is what we do

Social-Emotional Programing

Cognitive Behavioral Group Sessions

Entrepreneurship Programs