About The Program


StreetSolid’s Mission


Streetsold provides trauma-informed, Social-Emotional-Cognitive (TISEC) Curriculum and Skill-building for young men and adults in need.

We serve young men and adults referred from families, schools, community diversion programs, reentry programs, mentoring organizations, and juvenile, state and federal courts.

We also offer our TISEC curriculum to similar mentoring groups.


About the Program

what is

What is StreetSolid?

StreetSolid is a non-traditional approach to provide life skills to help people develop into their best selves.

The program gives classes to people in need on critical topics that will help them succeed in life.

Over the course of 8 weeks, with two sessions a week, participants will learn about things like anger management, the effect of trauma on critical thinking, interpersonal relationships, communication and more.

What is our curriculum?

curriculumStreetSolid provides an evidence informed, 16 week curriculum.

The curriculum improves thought processes, teaches emotional awareness, and emphasizes relationship building, decision-making, and self-directed behaviors - all insight and skills needed to realize potential and actualized lives. StreetSolid commits to continually updating its programming with the latest scientific data, pedagogical methods and relevant culturally informed references. A crucial part of the curriculum is the integration of feedback from program participants.

The StreetSolid curriculum utilizes literature from the fields of developmental psychology, neurobiology, social emotional learning, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. It comprises 18 modules that include multo-media components, exercises, activities, class discussion and special projects. A typical module such as “Decisions” includes participant engagement, an exploration of the neural mechanisms of decision-making, examples from the lives of facilitators, a method for making difficult decisions, role-playing and other facilitator-inspired methods. The modules are built in a progressive manner, each module building upon the knowed gained from the preceding modules.

What is StreetSolid based on?

An evidence-based program that facilitates cognitive-behavioral and social-emotional skills in a group setting. Programming developed by StreetSolid with insights from American Association of Group Therapists, National Association for CBT,  Vanderbilt's Human and Organizational Development Department, the RAND Corporation, Homeboy Industries, Emerson Collective, Cognitive Neuroscience Society, and CARES Mentoring.

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