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CORBETTE ADAMTHE STREETSOLID ORGANIZATION was incorporated as a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation in 2016. Missioned to serve at-risk youth including youth referred from the Davidson County Juvenile Courts, the organization was founded under the direction of Dr. Vincent Morelli, (Meharry Medical College/ Vanderbilt University), Ron Johnson and Tay McGee, (intervention specialists with at risk youth in Nashville) and a founding board of directors including; Corbette Doyle, Stephen Young, Sean Roach, Curtis Baysinger, Michael Kenner and Alvin Pearman, Howard Gentry, Millard Collins, Sada Garba and Osei Mervs.

StreetSolid's mission is to create and distribute Social Emotional Learning curriculum - to provide effective materials to teach life skills to at-risk youth and adults.  The program can be used in juvenile detention systems, community diversion programs, reentry programs, mentoring organizations, athletic teams, school systems, and more.  The goal of the curriculum is to facilitate discussions that lead to emotional awareness, relationship building and grounded decisions - insights and skills needed to realize individual potential and actualized lives.

561In fulfilling this mission StreetSolid is committed to continually update its curriculum with the latest scientific data, to incorporate relevant cultural references, to continually strive to improve the curriculum by integrating feedback from those participating in the social-emotional discussions and activities. In addition, StreetSolid is committed to offer SEL training to other facilitators who are working in similar environments.

In 2010 StreetSolid began developing their groundbreaking Social Emotional Learning (SEL) curriculum to help at risk boys between the ages of 12-18 who had been caught up in the juvenile justice system.  It was developed with the help of Meharry Medical College, Vanderbilt University’s Peabody School of Education, The Rand Corporation, USAID Senior Specialists and youth referred from the Davidson County Juvenile Court.  Over the years, we have refined the curriculum via discussions with experts in the field including professionals at:

  • Emerson Collective in Chicago
  • Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles
  • CARES Mentoring Movement in New York
  • Youth Mentoring Connection in Los Angeles
  • Youth Guidance (BAM program) in Chicago
  • St Charles Youth and Family Services in Milwaukee
  • Milwaukee Mayor’s Office of Violence Prevention
  • New Orleans' Youth Empowerment Project

DSC 0036 3THE STREETSOLID CURRICULUM is based on the most current academic literature in the fields of developmental psychology, neurobiology and social emotional learning. It is comprised of 18 modules that include multi-media components, exercises, activities, class discussion and special projects.  A typical module such as "Decisions" includes an exploration of the neural mechanisms involved in decision making, real world examples of difficult decisions, a method for making such difficult decisions and role playing. The modules are built in a successive manner, each module building on knowledge gained from the preceding ones.

The StreetSolid curriculum is the first of it's kind in the country and is updated and revised frequently to insure up-to-date scientific information and cultural references and to incorporate classroom feedback.  Regular revision is a vital part of the curriculum to insure that we connect and optimally impact our participants.

IMG 2820Parts of the StreetSolid curriculum was first implemented with youth referred from the Davidson County Juvenile Courts in 2010 and the evolving curriculum has now been used for five years with over 500 young men.  The curriculum has helped one program achieve a teen recidivism rate of 15%, as compared to the national average of over 50%. Post program evaluations from high-risk participants have reflected that 100% of participants would recommend the program to their friends.

In addition to being used with youth referred from the Davidson County Juvenile Courts, the StreetSolid program is also now being used with incarcerated and re-entrant adult inmates at both the State and Federal level.  

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