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STREETSOLID INDUSTRIES was incorporated as a non-profit 501-C3 corporation in 2016 under the direction of Dr. Vincent Morelli, (Meharry Medical College/ Vanderbilt University), Ron Johnson (nationally recognized youth advocate), and Tay McGee (youth equity and engagement program developer), and a founding board of directors: Dr. Corbette Doyle, Stephen Young Esq., Sean Roach CPA, Dr. Curtis Baysinger, Michael Kenner, Dr. Alvin Pearman, Howard Gentry, Dr. Millard Collins, William Walden and David Hill

StreetSolid provides Trauma-informed, Social-Emotional-Cognitive (TISEC) Curriculum and Skill-building to young men and adults in need. We serve young men referred from families, schools, community diversion programs, reentry programs, mentoring organizations, and juvenile, state and federal courts. We also offer our TISEC curriculum to similar mentoring groups.


In 2010 we began developing our groundbreaking Trauma-informed-Social-Emotional-Cognitive curriculum to help young men between the ages of 12-18 in Nashville’s juvenile justice system. The program was developed with the help of Meharry Medical College, Vanderbilt university's Peabody School of Education, The Rand Corporation, USAID Senior Specialists and our youth participants. We refined the curriculum via discussions with experts in the field including professionals at:

  • Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles
  • CARES Mentoring Movement in New York
  • Youth Mentoring Connection in Los Angeles
  • Youth Guidance (BAM program) in Chicago
  • St Charles Youth and Family Services in Milwaukee
  • Milwaukee Mayor's Office of Violence Prevention
  • New Orleans' Youth Empowerment Project

DSC 0036 3 OUR CURRICULUM Our curriculum improves thought processes, teaches emotional awareness, and emphasized relationship building, decision-making and self-directed behaviors - all insights and skills needed to realize potential and actualized lives. We commit to continually update our programing with the latest scientific data, pedagogical methods and relevant cultural references. A crucial part of this is the integration of feedback from program participants. The STREETSOLID curriculum utilizes literature from the fields of developmental psychology, neurobiology, social emotional learning, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. It is comprised of 18 modules that include multi-media components, exercises, activities, class discussion and special projects. A typical module such as "Decisions" includes participant engagement, an exploration of the neural mechanisms of decision-making, examples from the lives of facilitators, a method for making difficult decisions, role-playing and other facilitator-inspired methods. The modules are built in a progressive manner, each module building upon the knowledge gained from preceding modules.

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Since 2010 we have used our evolving StreetSolid curriculum to help over 500 young men referred from Tennessee State reentry programs, the Davidson county Juvenile Court and the Middle Tennessee Federal District Court. Graduates have a recidivism rate of 15%, as compared to the national average of over 50%. Post-program evaluations have often found that 100% of participants would recommend the StreetSolid curriculum to their friends.

The StreetSolid program is also being used with other community organizations including Men of Valor, 413 Strong, Bishop Campbell's G.A.N.G Program and others. Pending grant approval, the curriculum will be used in the Metro Nashville Public Schools and the Meharry Medical College addiction clinics.

For more information or to receive organizational facilitator training contact us through our website or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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